Lupa the Werewolf

A Lycanthrope since birth, Lupa always had difficulty gaining respect and securing work on the interstellar trade ships. Her love and understanding of space travel showcased her potential as a quick learner and made her viable for high commanding positions. The vampire Captain Leumont took her under his wing as navigator of the Night Jaunt. Since then, she has been reluctant to stay and has even formed a familial relationship with the crew of the Night Jaunt.

The dangers of werewolf transformation onboard a ship can be catastrophic and has led many to discriminate against lycanthropes. However, with proper procedures, one can easily avert an incident from occurring inside a ship. Unlike their predecessors, modern werewolves do not transform by the full moon anymore, but are instead triggered by extremely heightened emotions. This state can be suppressed by medication, usually administered by the captain under protocol.